Ebola: why hasn’t a pandemic ever started in Brooklyn?


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Annelies says:

You do have certain rights. The Declarations of Geneva and Helsinki, the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Unfortunately, in the US most people still believe that viruses exist in higher life forms, i.e. multi-cellular organisms like plants, animals, birds and humans.

Small groups of people have woken up, especially those who took an interest in AIDS. Once they discovered that it was not caused by a virus, they started questioning other viruses as well. Diseases like AIDS, West Nile, flu, polio, etc. are caused by toxins, and in some cases simply deficiencies. This is clearly visible in the statistics of childhood diseases after the Industrial Revolution. Once people had access to clean drinking water, better hygiene and food, these diseases were drastically reduced.

Due to Dr. Stefan Lanka and many parents in Germany, the “infection protection law” became operative in 2000. This law requires from the German government proof that a pathogenic agent exists to justify a vaccination (the “Koch’s Postulates”). Since they understand that these so-called disease inducing viruses do not exist, there can also be no lawful vaccination. Every vaccination that occurs in Germany after January 1, 2000 is considered a CRIME causing serious bodily assault. Other countries are also considering such a law.

So, basically it is up to us. I guess people are more gullible here. The US and New Zealand are the only two countries that allow advertisements for drugs, which is a very profitable business. (Pharmaceutical companies even hire people to make up diseases, which are then advertised with some drug).

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Ebola: why hasn’t a pandemic ever started in Brooklyn?

by Jon Rappoport

August 11, 2014


As my readers know, I’ve written a number of articles on the grossly misleading science connected with Ebola.

When you have: useless and false diagnostic tests; people with “Ebola” symptoms who are actually sick for reasons that have nothing to do with a virus; and a global PR machine that launches more lies per hour than a two-bit hustler at the racetrack; you can rev up a “global epidemic” purely on the basis of invented storyline and image.

This article is about the Ebola psyop. The imagery. The storyline. Selling it.

Premise One: “The virus comes from Africa. Uh oh. Woo. Watch out.”

‘HIV came from Africa. Uh oh. Watch out.”

The unproven Origin myths? “HIV=green monkeys. Ebola=fruit bats. Africans eating bats and monkeys. Africans having sex with HIV green monkeys.”

Storyline. Imagery.

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Largest methane seep in the world found off the eastern coast of U.S.

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This is from June – (sorry we missed it!)

From Jim Lee’s ResoNation

Largest methane seep in the world found off the eastern coast of U.S..

June 19, 2013 – SOUTH CAROLINA – On the seafloor just off of the U.S. East Coast lies a barely known world, explorations of which bring continual surprises. As recently as the mid-2000s, practically zero methane seeps — spots on the seafloor where gas leaks from the Earth’s crust — were thought to exist off the East Coast; while one had been reported more than a decade ago, it was thought to be one of a kind. But in the past two years, additional studies have revealed a host of new areas of seafloor rich in seeps. . . .

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Remarkable cancer cure story using ADULT stem cells

Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:

Mattaniah Eytan

Mattaniah Eytan is the founding director of a distinguished law firm in the S. F. Bay Area.

In 2007 when he was 67 years old, much to his surprise because he was feeling well, he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Leukemia is cancer of the white blood cells which usually begins in the bone marrow and results in high numbers of abnormal white blood cells. These white blood cells are not fully developed and are cancerous, immature white blood cells called lymphoblasts. Symptoms may include bleeding and bruising problems, feeling very tired, and an increased risk of infections — which are all due to a lack of normal blood cells. Diagnosis is typically by blood tests or bone marrow biopsy.

He was advised by expert oncologists that there was no cure. In fact, all treatment alternatives were strictly palliative and sometimes worse than the symptoms of the disease.

After extensive review of medical literature and relying on…

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Fail: Brazilian GMO Maize Resistant to Pests Just 3 Years After Market Approval

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Source: Natural Society, by Christina Sarich

Brazilian authorities have fast-tracked numerous suicide seeds, and now Pioneer/DuPont/Dow’s genetically engineered maize 1507, which is also pending approval in the European Union, is becoming infested with pests after only three years of being approved for market in Brazil.

GM Maize 1507 was a joint creation of the biotech industry with funding from three of the biggest chemical companies under Monsanto. Made to be tolerant to glufosinate herbicides, it is a Bt crop which produces its own insecticidal protein. People exposed to this chemical have suffered gastrointestinal, neurological, cardiovascular, and/or respiratory manifestations.

One study published in the journal Crop Protection found that resistant populations of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) have become prevalent in the federal states Bahia and Rio Grande del Sul, Brazil. Fall armyworm was already a huge maize pest in this and other countries. The resistance in fall armyworm was first noted…

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Russia Cripples E.U. Economically As World Heads Towards War


How did WWI start? With economic sanctions…

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Richard Nixon– ‘Crisis actor’?


Hard to argue with the assessment that there is acting going on in this footage after viewing it.

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Ed note,  watch the video showing Richard Nixon laughing and cutting up just prior to going on the air to announce (In the most serious and somber tones) his resignation in 1974, just like the so-called ‘crisis actor’ Robbie Parker of the infamous ‘Sandy Hook Hoax’ Who was seen smiling before going live on camera.

THEREFORE, using the same ‘logic’, methods of deduction and investigatory skills of mental giants such as Jim Fetzer, John Friend, Sophie Smallstorm et al, Richard Milhouse Nixon was in fact NOT the POTUS, ‘Watergate’ never took place and the entire event was a manufactured charade now 40 years and running.

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Peace   Source: Facebook

Military Coup In Iraq: Prime Minister Maliki Refuses To Step Down; Security Forces On Alert, Encircle Presidential Palace

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Just days after the US launched a campaign that implicitly aides the current regime headed by the supposedly outgoing PM, al-Maliki, it appears that latest US intervention has already led to “unexpected” consequences, this time with the prime minister appearing to have just staged a coup overthrowing Iraq’s president President Fouad Massoum moments ago.

Reuters reports that the prime minister “indicated that he will not drop his bid for a third term and accused the president of violating the constitution in a tough televised speech likely to deepen political tensions as a Sunni insurgency rages. Maliki, seen as an authoritarian and sectarian leader, has defied calls by Sunnis, Kurds, some fellow Shi’ites and regional power broker Iran to step aside for a less polarising figure who can unite Iraqis against Islamic State militants.

The days of Iraq’s president appear numbered:

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