Barbarian Lore ∞ History is written by the victors.

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.  Winston Churchill


I am so tired of lies – lies, half-truths, untruths, hidden truths, deceit, false realities, false evidence, false witnesses, false reports, false teachings, false prophets, false prophecies, false religions, rabbit holes, disinfo, misinformation, cointelpro, subterfuge, fake ids, phony solutions, pretty stories, fabricated laws and manufactured moral codes.  Tired of Lies was actually one of the names I was considering for this blog.  After 29 years of believing I had found, and joined, God’s one holy and universal church, I am ready for some real truths to guide me through this life.  I am a mother who has the care of many young souls, who must now, along with my husband, discover what we ought to have been teaching our children about the true nature of our world and of our universe.  Trouble is, these answers seem pretty hard to come by.  It seems a lot of people have gone to a lot of trouble to make sure these truths stay well hidden.  Why that is I hope to discover further.  If there is anyone out there searching too, please join in.  The savings in time to have just one false teaching properly identified multiplies exponentially as they will often take down a few others as they fall.

This is what this Barbarian Lore is all about.  We have all heard these maxims which express real truths, but do we ever stop and examine their trickle-down effect on our education, and therefore, our worldview?  As Terry Jones puts it:

We’ve all been sold a false history of Rome that has twisted our entire understanding of our own history – glorifiying (and glossing over) a long era of ruthless imperial power, celebrating it for the benefit of Renaissance tyrants and more modern empires, and wildly distorting our view of the so-called “Middle Ages” and the peoples whom Rome crushed and who were then blamed for its fall.

Julius Caesar himself could have written Churchill’s words quoted above. He understood this precept very well. That is why he remained in Bibracte, writing the official version of his successes against the barbarian hordes, complete with the requisite moral justifications, and the tally of the dead (1 million Gauls) and the enslaved (another million), burying the evidence of any contradictory views.  We have only lately, 2000 years later, begun to view the lives of these conquered peoples not through the lens of the Roman victors.  It is so important for us to relearn history so we can spot the lies we are being sold as truth.

Thanks to Atlantean Times for letting me know about the paradigm shifting 4 part documentary series Terry Jones Barbarians  from 2006,   and special thanks to Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame, for making it. I do wonder how many people reading this will have heard of this series.  The 2 disc dvd set is selling for under $10, and the book which accompanies the series was selling for $2. That strikes me as odd, as both BBC and History Channel programmes usually sell at a premium.  Of course, the market sets the price. Does no one want to buy this set?  The History Channel has a bad reputation for creating its own versions of history, but I certainly found this particular documentary very convincing.

Reclaiming our lost history

Terry Jones does a terrific job of clearing out old propaganda, tracking down the very latest scholarship and uncovering the impressive cultural and technological achievements of the “Barbarians”- the Celts, Goths, Persians, and Vandals.  These were highly developed, intelligent societies,  more civilized than the Roman hordes who came, conquered, plundered and, more often than not, destroyed what they found.  Do yourselves and your family a favour and check this series out.  You can watch all 4 parts on YouTube if you can’t find the dvds.  The blogger linked below goes through the first show of the series, The Primitive Celts,  if you would like a quick look at what the documentary is like.  If you would like to have a look at what you can expect from the book (no matter how good a film or tv series is, the book is always better), there is an excellent concise review of it here.

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  1. The Victory writes history….thats the way it is. Churchill whilst arrogant about his view of the world, was accurate to the extent that he would write about his own experiences. The rest of the world has written at length about his errors, omissions, views etc. Looking back as we progress our revisionism is not neccessarily more truthful, just colored by the moral, political and economic views of the current day. Which taint what any historical figure was going thru at the time.
    Caesar, was out for glory and riches. We all know that. The fabrications wrought are those of exaggerated numbers, which historians all know to be false, and 3rd party sources invalidate. With so much history lost due to ‘barbarian’ efforts of other races, and the sacking of libraries, the salting of the earth of entire cities we lose much of what has transpired, good and bad. So to a large extent we rely on the writings that exist. It does not change the event, nor the consequences of the event. Bibracte still happened, the Helvetii were crushed, 10,000 souls or 1million is not the point. How Caesar used the victory and others is what matters.

    • Yes, it is a fact that the victor writes the history. The point of the post is to try to move our understanding of the foundations of our modern existence beyond the often superficial or invalid concepts which result out of that basic maxim and into reflection on what was lost to us through the suppression of the knowledge of so many peoples’ cultures and advancements. We need to examine the lives of these conquered peoples through their own artifacts and stories instead of through the Roman victors’ discrediting accounts.

      A perfect real world example of how this precept continues to impact the ordinary person’s view of the Romans and the “Barbarians” – direct from the online dictionary at

      Civilization (4.) the act or process of civilizing or being civilized: “Rome’s civilization of barbaric tribes was admirable.”

      Permit me to respond to some of your strongly stated comments.

      The rest of the world has written at length about Churchill’s errors…Despite other historians’ later writings, Churchill’s account of his life and times was among the first and still holds prominence in our collective consciousness. From Wikipedia: “Widely regarded as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the century. Named the Greatest Briton of all time in a 2002 poll, Churchill is widely regarded as being among the most influential persons in British history.”

      We all know that Caesar was out for glory and riches…Here is what our children are still being taught, from The Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World, 1993, the first book I picked at random from our bookshelves: “Sometimes history is written by those who play a major part in it. Julius Caesar (100-44BC) wrote about the wars in Gaul and, according to his own account, was merciful to the defeated Gauls. He granted them Roman citizenship as a way of establishing order. Caesar may have written his history to show his actions were not done just for personal glory.”

      The numbers are exaggerated which all historians know to be false…The numbers of 1 million dead and 1 million enslaved Gauls are believed to be the most accurate estimate of these victims, based on contemporary accounts.

      The salting of the earth of entire cities…Never happened. The sacking of libraries…Early false flag events, in my opinion, actually done by the very people who controlled those same repositories of knowledge, to maintain their control over knowledge and therefore control over those whom they wished to dominate.

      It does not change the event, nor the consequences of the event…If the facts of the event and its aftermath are made up to suit the needs of the victor, then yes, the event is changed.

      10,000 souls or 1 million is not the point…I’m pretty sure the families of those killed or enslaved saw this differently. If human life has no value, then what is the point of anything?

      How Caesar used the victory…takes us right back to the beginning and confirms this whole post.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

      You have a very interesting blog yourself.

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