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Ebola: why hasn’t a pandemic ever started in Brooklyn?


A great comment from the original article:
Annelies says:

You do have certain rights. The Declarations of Geneva and Helsinki, the Nuremberg Code, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Unfortunately, in the US most people still believe that viruses exist in higher life forms, i.e. multi-cellular organisms like plants, animals, birds and humans.

Small groups of people have woken up, especially those who took an interest in AIDS. Once they discovered that it was not caused by a virus, they started questioning other viruses as well. Diseases like AIDS, West Nile, flu, polio, etc. are caused by toxins, and in some cases simply deficiencies. This is clearly visible in the statistics of childhood diseases after the Industrial Revolution. Once people had access to clean drinking water, better hygiene and food, these diseases were drastically reduced.

Due to Dr. Stefan Lanka and many parents in Germany, the “infection protection law” became operative in 2000. This law requires from the German government proof that a pathogenic agent exists to justify a vaccination (the “Koch’s Postulates”). Since they understand that these so-called disease inducing viruses do not exist, there can also be no lawful vaccination. Every vaccination that occurs in Germany after January 1, 2000 is considered a CRIME causing serious bodily assault. Other countries are also considering such a law.

So, basically it is up to us. I guess people are more gullible here. The US and New Zealand are the only two countries that allow advertisements for drugs, which is a very profitable business. (Pharmaceutical companies even hire people to make up diseases, which are then advertised with some drug).

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

Ebola: why hasn’t a pandemic ever started in Brooklyn?

by Jon Rappoport

August 11, 2014

As my readers know, I’ve written a number of articles on the grossly misleading science connected with Ebola.

When you have: useless and false diagnostic tests; people with “Ebola” symptoms who are actually sick for reasons that have nothing to do with a virus; and a global PR machine that launches more lies per hour than a two-bit hustler at the racetrack; you can rev up a “global epidemic” purely on the basis of invented storyline and image.

This article is about the Ebola psyop. The imagery. The storyline. Selling it.

Premise One: “The virus comes from Africa. Uh oh. Woo. Watch out.”

‘HIV came from Africa. Uh oh. Watch out.”

The unproven Origin myths? “HIV=green monkeys. Ebola=fruit bats. Africans eating bats and monkeys. Africans having sex with HIV green monkeys.”

Storyline. Imagery.

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Only killers on death row have right to quick painless death. Quadriplegics and cancer patients have no right to assisted suicide to shorten months of slow dying


Interesting way of framing the question at hand. Why do we have to suffer so much, especially if death is close at hand? Where is the compassion in that? “”They shoot horses, don’t they?”

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Law abiding citizens must not escape a painful death through assisted suicide. Except for Dignitas in Switzerland, rarely an institution assists dying people’s

via Only killers on death row have right to quick painless death. Quadriplegics and cancer patients have no right to assisted suicide to shorten months of slow dying.

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| A Reflection On Antibiotics!

Originally posted on | truthaholics:

A Reflection On Antibiotics Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD

[Dr. Humphries is on the board of directors of the International Medical Council on Vaccination.  Visit her website is]

As you can see here, scientists are running out of options. Many drug resistant micro-organisms are no longer responding to the older drugs, and there are less and less new ones being developed. The only solution is to stop the rampant use of these largely unnecessary drugs.


Antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals are among the most abused and overused pharmaceutical agents that contribute to human disease.  Louis Pasteur became famous for his “discoveries”, and his contribution to the idea that germs could or should be killed.  The problem with this paradigm is that while germs do exist and can be killed, it is not the way to create a healthy living environment.  Most people are unaware that Pasteur…

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Is this really why Ebola health workers are collapsing?


This article illustrates the truly heroic efforts put out by medical staff to treat ebola victims. Hazardous, and perhaps, lethal.

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

Is this really why Ebola health workers are collapsing?

Ebola health workers in boiling hot suits, toxic chemicals

By Jon Rappoport
August 5, 1014

In recent articles, I stated it’s a mistake to jump to a conclusion about what’s really making doctors and nurses sick in African Ebola clinics.

Here’s a missing factor in understanding what is happening to some of those doctors and nurses.

I’m not talking about Ebola. I’m talking about physiological shock, huge and sudden dehydration, and more.

On top of that, factor in a falsely positive diagnostic Ebola test for a few of those health workers, and what do you have? A nightmare.

From the Daily Mail, August 5, an article headlined, “In boiling hot suits…”:

“Doctor Hannah Spencer revealed how she wills herself to feel safe inside a boiling hot air-sealed Hazmat suit…”

“Boiling: Doctors and nurses lose up to five litres in sweat…

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US Government patented the Ebola virus

Originally posted on Case about Bird Flu:

U.S. Government Owns EBOLA ‘Patent’

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*CDC violates biosecurity level 4 regulations in transporting and handling Dr Kent Brantly.

Why are these regulations ever created if they are to be disregarded at whim?

Originally posted on Case about Bird Flu:

*CDC violates biosecurity level 4 regulations in transporting and handling Dr Kent Brantly

*CDC director Thomas Frieden should be fired

*Unnecessary danger to US public

Fresh from congressional hearings on CDC biosafety lapses, CDC director Dr Thomas Frieden has decided to handle the first ever Ebola patient in the USA without applying the safety precautions required by biosafety regulations in outrageous disregard for the American public.

Frieden must know about the strict biosafety level 4 regulations applying to Ebola patients like Dr Kent Brantly because Frieden just gave testimony on these very regulations to Congress in relation to the CDC anthrax scare.

Yet in the transit and hospitalization in Atlanta of Dr Kent Brantly, Frieden has allowed biosafety level 4 requirements for handling a patient suffering from Ebola to be flouted.

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Viral Video: Wal-Mart Ice Cream Sandwich Won’t Melt–What the Hell Is It Made Of?

Originally posted on saboteur365:

3.5 million views over the first two days of release

Crazy! Can you call the product an ice cream sandwich if the substance isn’t real ice cream? Sabotage the System by demanding an explanation from corporate headquarters.

Give ‘em hell, saboteurs.

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Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

Originally posted on Jon Rappoport's Blog:

Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?

by Jon Rappoport

July 31, 2014

Now that the world has been put on notice about Ebola, it’s time to try facts instead of scare tactics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the primary reporting agency on case numbers and deaths. Taking their stats with a few grains of salt, but recognizing that mainstream accounts come from WHO, here is their July 25 update, “Ebola Virus Disease, West Africa”:

1201 total cases. 672 deaths. These numbers cover Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia—the Ebola focus areas.

Looking a little deeper, we see that WHO divides each number into categories: “confirmed,” “probable,” and “suspected.”

Diagnostic methods for IDing Ebola in those 3 countries are uncertain. Therefore, we should only consider the category labeled “confirmed,” and even then we should have doubts.

So let’s look at the total for confirmed Ebola case numbers in…

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